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Producing the skills and attitudes for success

Off to Work - In Partnership with the House of St Barnabas

House of St Barnabas StaffThe House of St Barnabas has been supporting those affected by homelessness for over 160 years, helping them to bring about a positive change in their lives.

The House currently offers a unique Employment Training and Life Skills Programme to individuals recruited from nearby hostels and agencies. The Programme provides participants with personal development coaching, therapies focused on mental and physical well-being, a range of cultural activities and opportunities, practical and classroom-based hospitality training, and, most importantly, three months intensive work experience within Quintessentially Soho at The House of St Barnabas.

Off to Work Training partners with the House of St Barnabas to deliver a high level of front and back of house hospitality training. Throughout the Employment Training and Life Skills Programme, a team of professional trainers guide programme participants through the different elements of hospitality, thereby ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Through targeted workshops participants develop the theoretical and practical skills necessary to undertake their onsite work experience, and are then fully equipped with updated CVs to present themselves to future employers. On completion of the Programme, participants receive their accredited certificates and the opportunity of employment with Off to Work.

The partnership in place between the House of St Barnabas and Off to Work ensures that all participants are equipped with skills often more suited to a supervisory role than a floor staff position; we, therefore, furnish our participants with the potential to progress quickly and sustain their transition from benefits to rewarding paid employment. Through a supportive programme of learning and integrated training, the Charity aims at creating a space within which team-work, community and acceptance are paramount, and stigmatisation is left at the door.

To date our partnership has acheived the following:

  • 73 clients have accessed courses
  • 122 courses have been taken
  • 80 of which are accredited

For further information on the Off to Work Training Partnership Programme please contact Neil Preston at the Off to Work Training Academy


"I attended the Cocktail Masterclass training at House of St. Barnabas. I came to attend the class and to support two of my clients. I thought the class was very good. The facilitators were friendly, professional and helpful. They spent time with each trainee and gave good practical and industry advice. Both of my clients told me they had thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from the training.We were all inspired by the training and the possibilities it had opened up for us."

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